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Diamond Mines Group Company has proved itself among the professionals as a major manufacturer and bulk seller of diamonds jewelry for companies in Europe, South Africa and Israel, becoming one of the leading manufacturers and exporters. During 35 years Diamond Mines Group is a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange and one of the leading companies in the diamond industry in the country.

Buying jewelry of Diamond Mines Group, you receive the product, made of high quality materials by the newest designs corresponding to the latest fashion trends. Giving preference to our jewelry, you become the owner of not just the quality but also the trend product. Furthermore, each customer has a unique opportunity to create not just a piece of jewelry, but the real family jewelry of his own design. Choosing the production of Diamond Mines Group, you are making investment into your future.

Giving preference to the jewelry and diamonds from Diamond Mines Group, our customers get unique products directly from the manufacturer at dealer prices of the Israel Diamond Exchange.

The quality of all jewels approved not only by Israeli, but also by the international quality certificate. In addition to those certificates, each jewelry and gemstone complete with a Diamond Mines Group certificate to the possibility of an equivalent exchange.

All diamonds are provided with certificates of gemological laboratories and have an international warranty.

 Diamond Mines Group is rightly proud of thousands of its customers from all over the world, many of whom, over time, became friends of the company and its business partners. Today, we can proudly say that the credibility, quality, professionalism, honesty and the best dealer prices - are not just words, but the main principles of work of our company!